Sunday, 22 August 2010

how to host a murder

what an amazing night!
i do not remember having so much fun in such
a sensbile manner, and not even under the influence of alcohol!
a lovley italian dinner served among friends.
(acknowledgement for the table setting) goes to me!)
'how to host a murder' is an interesting game
with a lot of death, double entendres, lame puns
and a mad twist to top it all off.

going as myself (almost!), rather a psychotic dentist
who enjoys drilling (in every sense!)
did you like how i did the hair?
it is good to know someone truly in this field,
thankyou for your tools and dental coat!
shall i operate?

i shall display the other character costumes too
they were all so beautiful, in their own ways!

it is believed that early man's leading cause of death was dental trouble...

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