Tuesday, 4 February 2014

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Hello! I realised I'm getting worse and worse at blogging. So to fix that I made a new blog! (How does that help?) Two teaspoons of sugar will remain up, but I don't think I'll be posting so much (or at all). So, maybe this is goodbye?

Anyway, if you still want to catch up on my lolita adventures and coordinates, head on over to Spoon & Fork


Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam

The next five days seemed to pass me by in a haze, so quickly it passed! I continued on the university study tour to the Hague, Utrecht and a short day in Amsterdam. I haven't quite sorted through the photos on my camera, which are more abundant, so I apologise for the lack thereof in advance!

 In the Hague, we visited the Peace Palace, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court and even sat in on a trial at the International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. One of the more special things in store for us was visiting the Australian ambassador at his residence in the Hague. What a fine house it was indeed!!

 Utrecht and Utrecht university was where we had our last few study classes. It was a beautiful little town full of student needs - bookshops, stationery shops, and cafes. With narrow little canals running around the city. A notable feature of Utrecht? Bikes :D

 On the free day in the Netherlands, a few girls and I decided to make the train ride up to Amsterdam for some shopping and sightseeing~ We didn't spend long though because early evening we caught wind of news that the trains back to the Hague might be cancelled! We had to hurry back to the station and missed out on a lot more shopping than we intended! But at least we made it back for burgers, hehhh!

 On the last day of the tour, we were taken to a snug little restaurant for a farewell dinner. I enjoyed a yummy grilled salmon with potatoes and salad  and some sweet white wine. I was really glad that I was able to go on the study tour and meet a lovely bunch of colleagues. But I also appreciated the number of places I could visit which I probably wouldn't have on my own~

The next installment will be on my travels to London and Paris~~ Bye!!

First stop: Germany!

I'm back home from my travels and I'm so excited to share some photos of the first place I visited - Germany, also known as Christmas town! I went to many small cities in Germany in only 5 days as part of the study tour, but it was a lovely way to experience more than what I ever could as a lone tourist traveller. 

Mannheim, the chessboard city which lacks street names but is also the home to the palatial university! I was lucky to have taken a few classes here during my stay! The hostel that we all stayed at was located near the River Rhein where we found the most delightful restaurant overlooking the river. I had the most delicious experience here! I actually had two meals here and the French onion soup and pork schnitzel aren't pictures, but a yummy chicken salad and berry dessert are!

The second day we travelled by train to Karlsruhe to see the German Constitutional Court. But on the way, I found the most beautiful autumn landscapes ever! The late afternoon sun light really helped create a romantic scene~

Heidelberg was a town I visited on my trip around Europe earlier this year in January, but this time around the famous Christmas markets were up! Plenty of delicious hot gluhwein, yummy traditional German sausages and lots of pretty things in the markets stalls to see were the perfect ingredients to a good night out!
 I was even lucky enough to have contacted some lolitas in Germany who invited me to a lolita meet on the Saturday I had free! I can't believe how beautiful the German lolitas are, and they all have such sweet personalities to match! And they all spoke such impeccable English with me, it was so much fun! <3 a="" and="" back="" beautiful="" before="" building="" cafe="" cake.="" casino="" christmas="" day="" few="" for="" get="" girls="" go="" hope="" i="" in="" it="" late="" lovely="" lunch="" markets="" me="" one="" p="" photos="" really="" see="" so="" stunning="" the="" them="" then="" think="" to="" took="" walking="" was="" we="" were="" which="">

With the trains running late, I was able to spend a good 3 hours exploring the city of Cologne before continuing with the study tour to the Netherlands. As soon as I exited the train station I was met with the absolutely breathtaking view of the famous catherdral. I had to strain my neck back to see the full height of the magnificent church! It was under renovations at the time, but it was still one of the most amazing sights ever. To avoid the chilly weather though, I sought refuge with a couple of girls to pass the time in a fancy little cake shop - Cafe Reichard. Very pretty decor and yummy chocolate cake too!

I can't wait to visit Germany again, I really hope I can! Even if it's just for the pretzels and gluhwein, hehh~ Next time though, it'll be Frankfurt and Berlin!~

Friday, 1 November 2013

Counting down the days

It's almost the end of 2013, and there are a few things that I'm looking forward to! But perhaps the two most exciting things are: 1, I'll be finishing my last architectural design class - forever! (I'm actually avoiding my last assignment by blogging, haha~) and 2, 24 days until I depart for Germany and the Netherlands :D

As you can imagine, life is getting busy with huge assignments and preparation for my overseas trip. But I did try to enjoy myself a little too! Our lolita community decided to hold a 'Magical Lolita Transformation' day for some new girls who'd perhaps never tried lolita before. So many girls were kind enough to lend some dresses for others to try on. We helped with makeup and hair before taking a snap of their transformation :) I decided I wouldn't transform, and wore my own coordinate: Emily Temple cute's chocolate and ribbon jumperskirt with some Angelic Pretty accessories (beret, socks and bag).

Our community also decided to celebrate a super early Halloween and we held a very spooky little picnic in the Botanical Gardens. It was a super hot day in Spring, so it was hard to dress up. I decided to go for a creepy Snow White zombie. What if she died when she ate the apple, and the 'kiss of life' kept her undead?! I made a nice red ribbon headbow to match my Innocent World's Dward Story Jumperskirt.

The very next day, my sister and I were invited to a community festival celebrating the sisterhood between Salisbury (in Australia) and Mobari (in Japan). I wore a casual lolita outfit with my new bear hoodie and French Cafe by Angelic Pretty. :)

Since receiving my Musee du Chocolat by Angelic Pretty, I was keen to have a twins meet! I knew there were at least two other girls who also bought the print in the community besides my sister and I. And so I hosted a fun twinning meet where we enjoyed yummy burgers and purikura together!

I was so impressed with the Chess Chocolate triplets and Whyteleaf twins! All our dresses matched so well! Chocolate prints, ahoy~ Everyone had such a fun time, and so many passerbys loved our outfits and couldn't resist taking photos of us.

And lastly before I continue with my assignment, I spent a short afternoon enjoying Halloween cupcakes at my favourite cupcakery - BTS. Since it was the last day of teaching at University too, I decided to dress up a little and wore my newest wardrobe addition: Emily Temple cute's Chocolatier Bunny. It's so cute and comfortable. I love the pinkish red~

I hope you all enjoyed a scary Halloween! Next year, I hope to have some time to go trick or treating again, it's so much fun :) My little sister did! She was dressed as a zombie girl in a seifuku. I did her makeup and she looked so scaryyy XD What do you think?

And before I leave, here's a few photos of some super super casual outfit I wore to university that I thought I'd share~ My juju maxi shoes are so comfy and I think they look so cute with funny socks like my America ones on the left. My brother hates them with socks though, haha~ :P

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Lolita is my life

Ah no! I'm becoming slack with my blog posts! I'm so sorry, but this semester has been really tough on me which gives me less time to do the things I like doing, for instance, blogging :( I think I'll just be doing large catch up posts for a while, I hope you won't mind. I must admit I am much, much more active on instagram and tumblr just because they're easier to use especially on the go! So please follow me there <3>
We had a really bigg lolita/anime/manga swap meet a while ago. I didn't manage to sell any lolita dresses there, but it was a good chance to meet up with the girls and chat about our money woes, new wishlist dresses and so on. I wore my new Melty Royal Chocolate from Angelic Pretty. It's the perfect fit, and the style is so flattering! I really love this dress so much~!

More recently, we bid farewell to a beautiful lolita girl in our community. She's jetsetting home to Malaysia after working in Adelaide for several years. I wore Toy March from Angelic Pretty, it's soo pretty! But I recently sold the JSK and socks set since I just won the set in navy - my preferred colourway~

I went out shopping with my sister and a friend. Though I didn't buy anything it was great to take a look in the shops and spend some time together. I didn't wear lolita, but I really liked my outfit anyway!! The beret is however from Angelic Pretty's Toy March collection :D We had yummy pizza and desserts after too <3 br="">
My sister and I were asked to do a japanese fashion presentation at University for some high school students. It was to promote the Language faculty. I wore a complete (almost) outfit by Baby the Stars Shine Bright. Chocolate Fascinate Fantasy JSK with Hexenhaus socks and my favourite cookie headbow! It was also the first time I took Usakumya out too, she had a loong and tiring day!!
I also organised a surprise graduation party for my sister! She's finally finished studying at University, so we celebrated with some yummy Korean food and karaoke times with some other lolita girls. I wore Emily Temple Cute's Wrapping Macaron <3 p="">

Here's an extra picture of my cutie sister who looks SO much younger than me! Haha~

And most recently!! I was introduced to this very lovely little cafe by some lolita friends. They had the loveliest scones and most delicious chocolate mud cake I have had in a while! I wore my new Drained Cherry skirt from Angelic Prettyy~ It's made of the nicest chiffon, I'm so happy I managed to find it second hand.

And lastly, thing's I've bought recently and it's, erm... quite a list:

Angelic Pretty Toy March set in navy
Angelic Pretty Musee du Chocolat set in ivory
Angelic Pretty Drained Cherry skirt in ivory
Angelic Pretty French Doll onepiece in navy
Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate blouse in brown
Angelic Pretty Melty Royal Chocolate knit cardigan in ivory
Emily Temple Cute Chocolate and Ribbon JSK in pink
Emily Temple Cute Chocolatier Rabbit JSK in red
Emily Temple Cute Chocolate and Ribbon tshirt in brown
Emily Temple Cute Snow Dot Ribbon blouse in white
Baby Hexenhaus Pearl JSK in brown
Baby Hexenhaus necklace in brown
Milk Chocolate Bar skirt

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