Monday, 13 December 2010

the last lolita meet

where more cute lolitas met than ever before...

success! handmade gifts and treasures exchanged
crazy photos taken in the botanic gardens with
the most blessed weather. perfect!

twinning with my sister in metamorphose's nostalgic chess!
whipping up an outfit the night before,
luckily we own many similar clothes, right?

small crisis to begin with but everything ended well
thankyou to all the good friends we have~

outfit post #20: Check Mate
- white blouse from target
- black waistcoat from valleygirl
- vintage necktie from my lovely mother's wardrobe
- beige cardigan from cotton on
- navy brooch from globalise
- bow brooch from metamorphose (from the skirt)
- skirt from metamorphose
- black tights
- off-white walker boots from zipia
- carry-all bag from cath kidston

new doors are opening...

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