Wednesday, 15 December 2010

tea for two

what do you think about the new look?
to suit the title better, i thought it necessary 
to make my own wallpaper.
i always have sugar (and milk too) in my tea and coffee.

lately i have tried many different tea infusions.
this is a lychee black tea from saldachin,
really lovely lychee flavour but not overpowering.
(although the waiter did not know why i wanted milk or sugar)

on another occasion i tried a lime and coconut
infused tea, this was surprisingly good without my
usual two teaspoons of sugar, much like a green tea.


  1. hey did you actually make this wallpaper? I like it, maybe you can make one for me too! :D

  2. XDDDD
    let me know what you want and i can put something together. give me a colour scheme too! it'll help~~


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