Monday, 7 March 2011



was the perfect excuse to dress up...

decided to wear my new innocent world skirt
it's unbelieveably comfortable unlike my other skirts
that are full of tulle even without a panier. 
though i'm not against that, it's a different look.
attempting a cross between classical, mori and casual
hopefully i captured something of that kind.

happily covering my messy hair with a straw hat
i was able to make it stay on my head,
so wind, as much as you try, it won't blow off...

outfit post #34: Sunday Dress
- blouse from zipia
- skirt from innocent world
- tulle underskirt from zipia
- boots from zipia
- straw hat from temt

1 comment:

  1. I saw this coord on your sister's blog and I was instantly in love with it! The colours are fantastic, and the underskirt is a refreshing change from the usual petticoat <3<3


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