Tuesday, 21 June 2011

so close but so far away


checking off two exams from my list!
there's only french left now, and with one entire
week to revise, hopefully this is a good sign~
the exams have been good to me though, it's always
a good sign when i can answer all the questions right?

the cold weather means hot delicious lunch!
it was a good opportunity to eat with my sisters,
we always have so much fun together, if only our lives
were less busy. there was so much chicken in there,
it made me extra happy!

bien que je me promette d'utiliser plus de français,
je suis trop embarrassée! en particulier, quand je fais des erreurs~
je voudrais écrire plus de français, alors pour une semaine,
j'essayerai écrire mon blog en francais~ bonne chance, non?

even though i promised to use more french,
i feel so embarrassed! especially when i make mistakes~
i want to write more french, so for one week i'll aim to
blog in french~ wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. ne t'inquiètes pas, tu parles bien français, tu ne fais pas beaucoup de fautes ! ;) continues comme ça ;)


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