Tuesday, 9 August 2011

catching rainbows

i've seen many rainbows recently due to the changing weather.
one minute it's pouring with rain, but a moment later, the sun
shines through the dark clouds and a happy rainbow smiles~
here's one i managed to catch at home! it must have been
the glass of water by the window sill, i think.

i'm so happy today! i was able to cook dinner for the family!
usually my mother likes to cook, but today she had a special
event, so i volunteered to make dinner. it must have turned out
well because my siblings ate it all! and went back for seconds~

this huge letter 'i' popped up in town a few days ago,
i'm still not sure what it is for, but it's so big and white!
i passed it on the way home one day, and couldn't resist
taking a photo memory. it must be promoting something, right?

it's super pretty when the city buildings are lit up at night!
this is our art gallery~ at the moment they are showing the very
popular saatchi gallery exhibition. it looks like a lot of fun,
and i haven't visited the art gallery for a while. maybe it's time
to say hello~!


and lastly! a little photo snap of my casual lolita
outfit from last week. wearing this without a pannier
is actually quite comfortable! except when trying on clothes,
then it gets so annoying with the layers.

outfit post #44: Out of the Woods
- red cardigan
- cream hair bow handmade
- white blouse vintage
- tales of the wood skirt metamorphose
- black tights
- black brogues

1 comment:

  1. The giant I is something that the uni is trying to promote. xD Mostly I just see people smoking by it haha.


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