Tuesday, 23 August 2011

it's been too long

since i've been to karaoke with my friends in lolita~
we were too busy singing that i didn't have the chance to
take many photos. but we all had so much fun.
my throat was all sore and dry afterwards. if only i didn't
have to think about the uni week again!

this is a quick picture i took of the print of the dress
i wore~ it was a dress i recently found on the livejournal
community sales. as a set, i thought it was relatively well priced.
cute, right?

outfit post #44: Let's Bake a Cake!
- white blouse by offbrand
- head bow by metamorphose
- red cardigan by offbrand
- teddy patissiere jumperskirt by metamorphose
- black tights by offbrand
- red tea parties by secret shop


  1. Hi Angii! Thank you for coming along to the karaoke night, it was really great that you and Kai were able to make it :3 I hope we can do something like that again ^^

    xox Jaana

  2. Jaana! It was so much fun.
    I hope you enjoyed your birthday~
    and we'll definitely catch up again :D


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