Saturday, 15 October 2011

i don't like pink

it's unbelievable, right? but honestly, pink is considered
one of my least favourite colours! i did notice however,
that as soon as i made this comment, a lot of pink
decided to crop up in my wardrobe...

hm, maybe i should reevaluate that statement.
it's not a bad thing for a girl who enjoys wearing
sweet lolita to have a pink-filled wardrobe, right?

have you seen my new wishlist? i thought it would
i would like to hang these pieces in my wardrobe one
day and reassure myself that my lolita wardrobe is complete.
(for some reason, i secretly think that will never be the case)
wish me luck~!

outfit post #48: pink
- dreamy doll house jumperskirt from angelic pretty
- pink cardigan
- cream coloured patterned tights
- pink mary janes


  1. I don't know why you dislike pink. :] You look really cute in it. Such a sweet outfit! :D

  2. oh really? thankyou for thinking so!
    but i'm much more inclined to colours
    other than pink! (so i thought)
    maybe i should embrace pink more~ XD

  3. Heehee, I dislike wearing pink too! (But seem to collect all sorts of pink items :s)

    Dreamy dollhouse is so pretty ^^ You suit sweet style really well, and also look stunning in classic style :3


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