Saturday, 19 November 2011

hello holidays!

another year of university is over!

wasn't that too quick? well, hopefully i will pass all
my exams and subject so i can continue forward next year.
fingers crossed!!

a delicious celebration at ajisen ramen and karaoke!
yeah, let's sing our worries away~
now, i'll be writing lists and lists of things to achieve this holiday,
hopefully i can fit plenty of arty and crafty endeavours among
the relaxing and avoiding the heat!


  1. Omgosh yay. So glad exams are over. ^^ I hope yours went really well.

    :D I can't wait to see all your adorable crafts! You guys make the cutest things. ^^

  2. thankyou katherine~
    fingers crossed! i'm sure you'll ace yours though! you're clever and actually spend time studying. :)
    ps, crafty goods will be posted, when made! haha, let's see how long it'll take~


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