Saturday, 12 November 2011

let's go on an adventure

let's go on an adventure together! into the woods~
yesterday i realised that there are many places around
here that i have not visited. my friend's cute american
girlfriend visited adelaide for the day and we decided to
go on an adventure together. do you like this pretty place?
jumping on rocks over the trickling stream...

the water mill is so big and reminded me so much of
howl's moving castle! it was lovely! and the calming sound
of water was so cool and beautiful.

i wonder where this path leads? to a romantic
secret garden perhaps? how mysterious!
lastly! after the full day exploring the hills and
then the breezy beach, we headed into town for a
night of fancy cocktails and karaoke! i hope she had
a memorable day here~!

outfit post #56: with my boots on
- black sequin bow top
- milk of the fawn dot applique skirt from angelic pretty
- cream patterned tights
- black engineer boots

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