Wednesday, 2 November 2011

trick or treat

what a shame! this year for halloween, i was too busy
to participate in the fun of demanding candy and other sweets.
the worse part was not being able to dress up and relax.
instead, i've been stuck tackling an architecture project,
an almost cold and the creeping end of year exams!

luckily, now i have managed to overcome the headaches
and sore throats, and officially finished my design course
this semester. no better way to celebrate than with a
delicious hazlenut praline, a hot chocolate and
time all to myself.

i even managed to put together a cute outfit for
the festivities~ admittedly, it's a little alice inspired,
with the mad hatter's top hat, teapot and cup from the
mad tea party and a fun game of chess
with the red and white queen. shall we play?

outfit post #53: i like spending time alone
- mini top hat from handmade
- white blouse from baby the stars shine bright
- black velvet waistcoat from offbrand
- teapot and cup brooches from handmade
- nostalgic chess skirt from metamorphose
- black and white striped socks

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