Saturday, 3 December 2011

accepting an offer

to participate in the university exchange programme.
this means, this time next year, i'll be in france!
i've been waiting for this letter for a while, and it had been
perhaps the longest and most anxious wait.
you can probably guess how excited i am~

goodbye quiet little adelaide,
hello europe, a white christmas, croissants,
macarons, and about 300km to angelic pretty and
baby the stars shine bright in paris~


  1. That's really exciting! Congratulations :3 I hope you will have some fantastic experiences when you go over there ^^

  2. Thankyou so much! I will definitely make lots of memories~ and visit paris so much! hehe~! ;D

  3. that's so nice you're coming to France ! ( my country :) !) I hope you'll enjoy being here, I think you'll love christmas time, it's magical here !!

  4. oh and if you have any question about your trip to France ( or living with French People lol !) you can ask me ;)

  5. @blackvelvetandlace
    i'm so super excited about your country!
    and soon, i shall become annoying with the number of questions i have to ask ;)

  6. haha don't hesitate ;) I've already been to Poitiers ( well, not exactly Poitiers, but a small town that was about 150 kms to it) and this is a lovely area! ( it's not far from the atlantic ocean and its beautiful beaches!) And the weather there is much better than where I live! ( in the North East lol)

  7. Oh, it sure sounds lovely! you are getting me too excited too soon :D i would really like to see snow, and celebrate a white christmas. because here in australia, it's always hot for christmas. i don't like that at all.


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