Saturday, 7 January 2012

highest of high teas

around christmas time last year (yes, i can say
last year now!) i found this amazing deal for a
high tea experience in the lovely german (or so i've heard,
prussian) settlement town about 45 minutes out of town.
picking a lovely spring-like day, it was decided that we
needed to try this place out.


the decor was quite simple and elegant, the pretty chairs 
are comfortable and thanks to the edith piaf music, 
we were transported to a small quaint parisian cafe.


each table setting was laid with antique crockery
and classy gold plated cutlery. i found myself in front
of a lovely yellow and pink rose set (although i regret
forgetting the design name)


to begin, we were served a sweet glass of champagne,

followed quickly by some sandwiches (curry egg, cucumber and
cream cheese, and salmon) and a baby chicken and corn quiche.

enough with the savoury, onto the sweet~!
these chocolate chip scones were warm and soft,
topped with strawberry jam and whipped cream,
they were absolutely delightful. coupled with a
cup of earl grey, we quickly found the plates empty!

and to end the deliciously sweet experience,

we each had a cute set of four petit desserts.
a chocolate macaron, banana and caramel tart,
strawberry chocolate mousse filled chocolate and
lastly, an orange and chocolate fudge tart.

we had a lovely casual and girly day, chatting
about nothing and everything over a beautifully
laid table of sweets and aromatic tea~!

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