Friday, 13 January 2012

i got sunburnt

we had a very mini picnic with a small group of
local lolita girls. since it was a weekday, many girls
had to work and we were left with a small knit of friends.
nevertheless, the weather was perfect and we all had plenty
fun relaxing and laughing about silly things.

when i returned how, i realised how red and sunburnt
my arm was! even though we were sitting under a tree,
the sun was so strong. now my arms are going to be
uneven! oh dear~

i decided to turn the spank coordinate into
a sweet casual lolita style outfit. do you think
i succeeded? when waiting with some friends
while we were all dressed in frillies, a girl
approached me to ask where i bought my lacy
socks from! just the socks, nothing about the dresses,
nothing about lolita! heehee~

outfit post #64:Candy Sweet Lolita
- pink cookie head bow from baby the stars shine bright
- cute printed t shirt
- black knit vest
- colourful tulle bows handmade
- fluffy lavender star brooch handmade
- pink milky of the fawn dot applique from angelic pretty
- white short lacy socks
- purple double tongue converses with pink laces

here are some outfit snaps of my friends,
there's waffles from frootums on the left and
rinrin from hologram world on the right. i didn't
realise how adorable that angelic pretty dress that
rinrin was wearing until i saw her! and aren't the
flowers in waffles hair beautiful?

and lastly a snap of my sister from la petite princesse
looking adorably cute and worried in one of her favourite
innocent world pieces.


  1. I look like I'm talking on a phone! Ahahaha!

    1. HAHA! you kind of do!
      -hello? yes, this is rinrin speking.

  2. you'll see, in France, it's impossible to get sunburnt in January :( I'm wearing my fake fur coat at the moment !!! lol your outfit is so amazing, as always ! ;)

    1. oh! don't tempt me~ i can't wait to see winter in France! and snow!! it'll be a new experience for me. i want to make a snowman, and have snowball fights and snow angels...

    2. Unfortunately, it hasn't snowed yet in France :( I hope you'll be lucky enough to see it next year ;) I nominated you for an award on my blog, check it out for details ;) !


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