Monday, 2 January 2012

it was a good year

oops, i think i deleted my christmas post
and i don't know how to find it again...

i realised that i had not posted some lolita outfits
that i coordinated last year, so maybe i'll post
them here. with saving money being the top
priority on my new years resolution this year,
i doubt my wardrobe will be growing much.
so it's always good to see what i can do
with what i already have...

outfit post 59#: Classical Chairs
- straw hat
- woolen collar
- mint ribbon knit
- classical chairs skirt from innocent world
- beige tulle skirt
- black engineer boots

outfit post 60#: Nostaligic Chess
- black blouse
- red and black blazer
- nostalgic chess skirt from metamorphose
- black tights
- black engineer boots

outfit post 61#:Surprise Party
- off-white knit
- salmon pink scarf from witchery
- surprise party skirt from metamorphose
- cream coloured tights

outfit post 62#: Popping Balloon
 - popping balloon headbow from metamorphose
- blonde and pink wig from handmade
- pink cardigan
- popping balloon onepiece from metamorphose
- pink coloured tights
- cream ballet style shoes

you might have realised they are all from winter~
it's a terribly hot summer here, so it's so difficult
to dress up, which makes winter my preferred season.


  1. Squee! You and Kairii look adorable with the split wigs!! You have a very diversely styled wardrobe, must be fun experimenting with it :3

  2. @tropicana: thankyou so much! i'm not allowed to buy more lolita this year because i'm saving up instead. so hopefully i can create more different looks with what i have collected so far :3

  3. I love ALL of your skirts/ dresses ! their prints are so cute, especially the chairs skirt !


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