Monday, 13 February 2012

i really like bread

ever since i was young i really liked bread. more than rice.
i could eat up to 4 slices of plain white fresh delicious bread
and no rice. so it's no surprise that i'm also a huge fan of roti.

a few friends decided that a casual dinner was necessary
and we ended up in an asian cuisine restaurant. along with the
yummy teriyaki chicken and rice, i needed a good dose of
roti with peanut satay sauce.

outfit post #67: 
- offwhite button up dress from french kitty
- black lacy sleeveless cardigan
- black tights
- short offwhite bloomers from innocent world
- antique fobwatch necklace
- black beaded cross necklace


  1. Replies
    1. why thankyou! it's really quite casual, and with bloomers underneath, it's so comfortable too!

  2. haha I love breat too!! Your outfit from what I can see looks so cute! you should post a full body :D


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