Saturday, 11 February 2012

double act

inspired by the elegant and gothic lolita group on livejournal's
twinning competition, a few girls decided to meet up for
photos and hanging out. the lovely carrie and christine were
the main twins in the delicious chess chocolate. they looked
so adorable and happy!!

i decided to get some other photos of the entourage,
with lauren and thaleia in the similar milky chan dreses,
which was a coincidental twin of sorts.

and here are us non twins~ the very sweet molly has
recently returned from her overseas exchange so it was
wonderful to see her again. oh, how short she makes me feel!

the second coincident for the day: an angelic pretty party!


  1. :3 Everyone looks gorgeous! can't wait to see more photos from the twinning meetup on fb. ^^

    1. do you know christine? she might have some up. and i'll get kai (the photographer) to put some up too :)


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