Thursday, 2 February 2012

i'm a little late

but i swear i've been busy and they did
arrive a little late too...

my christmas and new year presents (to myself!)
hoho!~ and i think i promised not to spend money on
more dresses. oops!

while browsing casually on secondhand lolita webstores,
i found one of my dream dresses by baby the stars shine bright~
here is the alice's secret key ribbon style jumperskirt
in beige and brown. it was even brand new with a tag!
what luck! check off the wishlist!

and, here is the lovely chess chocolate bustier jumperskirt
in brown by angelic pretty. after regretting the massive sell out
when it was first released, there was no way i'd let it
pass again. the gold accents are amazing~

watch out for coordinates to come!!

1 comment:

  1. the first dress is lovely!!!!! a great christmas present for yourself :D
    unfortunately the second dress wasn't posted :(
    And the AP's is gorgeous too!


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