Saturday, 3 March 2012

and it all starts again


to celebrate the new semester and new year, my sister
and i decided it proper to indulge in some mini macarons.
the supermarket near the university has these 12 pack of
macarons (imported from france!) which look very cute
and were very delicious too!


i couldn't resist taking a few more photos of them!
we even managed to finish the entire pack during our break.
i think the chocolate and cafe flavours are my favourite~

this is a little snapshot of one of outfits for those
long university days. i altered a gift from a friend who'd
recently visited south east asia. the dotted chiffon necktie
was a hair tie, but on a longer piece of elastic,
it fits perfectly with a black blouse, right?

here's a blurry photo of the other small gifts,
an cute metallic purple keychain and a little porcelain
elephant with a mini moke scented candle, and a pretty
orange and navy checked scarf perfect for the cooler
days to come~


  1. Au contraire votre français est super !
    I translated my blog because I saw that you read it, and maybe other english people read it, so, I thought it was a good idea ♥
    (and, yes, the Operalia is soooo beautiful, thanks ♥)

  2. And, may I know why do you speak french ? :3

  3. Waouh! C'est cool *-* Le français est une langue très difficile à cause de la grammaire et des conjugaisons, mais vous le parlez très bien ! :) Bon courage pour vos études, et j'espère que la France vous plaira ♥♥

  4. (et vous m'avez donné l'idée de traduire, donc oui c'est en partie pour vous ^o^)


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