Sunday, 25 March 2012

a lazy sunday

ah! after a forecasted day of cold and clouds, we were
greeted in the morning with a lovely sunshine! it was
absolutely perfect for a lolita picnic~ i decided to try the
cute horns haristyle i'd seen around recently. without a close
up they're pretty difficult to see. they weren't perfect, but i
think the bows cover that up a little~

outfit post: Perfect Picnic Day
- pink bow hairclips handmade
- candy star rabbit onepiece from metamorphose
- pink candy over the knee socks from metamorphose
- black t-bar mary janes
- melty chocolate bag from angelic pretty
- white lace wristcuffs handmade
- other accessories handmade (sparkle peach)

these are some adorably iced chocolate cookies
that thaleia made! they were so delicious and cute!
there were clover shapes and heart shapes too~

and these delicious chocolate brownies were made by
the wonderful eden. the little iced heart was simple yet
adorable~ this was taken after i'd eaten a couple of slices~

1 comment:

  1. :3 Adorable outfit Angie! Also the baked goods are ever so cute. >w<


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