Saturday, 31 March 2012

it's nice to appreciate

people in our lives that we don't see all that often.

my high school friend celebrated her 21st birthday with a
pink themed event. upon opening my wardrobe doors, my
milky of the fawn skirt just stared back at me. yes, i think it's
quite pink enough, right?

outfit post #73: think pink
- cookie headbow from baby the stars shine bright
- black sleeveless blouse
- pink bowtie handmade
- bambi necklace from disney
- bracelet and rings handmade (sparkle peach)
- pink lace cuff handmade
- milky of the fawn dot applique skirt from angelic pretty
- sheer dot tights (it's not visible in the photo!)
- black suede heels

upon entering the room, my friends exclaimed loudly:
"what did you do to your hair?" i sheepishly responded: "heh... 
it's a wig~" the perfect way to cover up a bad hair day, right?

and the sweetest alternative to a birthday cake, must
definitely be a macaron tower! i admit i ate ... five (and a half!)
i wasn't sure what all the flavours were, but one was definitely
bubblegum (which wasn't my favourite, at all...)

happy birthday to my sweet, bubbly, smiley, cute friend~ :)


  1. :D What a cute party! Haha you should have just fooled everyone into thinking it was your real hair. >:] Oh and bubblegum flavour is terrible. :<

    1. haha!! i think it was too dark for anyone to really see properly anyway! i like this colour hair. i'm going to try this trick one day ;P


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