Wednesday, 25 April 2012

the cold days are here

this week, i was able to pull out more than just cardigans. the wet and windy weather called for a nice warm jacket~ this is my very casual 'university pulled me out of bed early' outfit. oh dear, my most comfortable shoes that i wear everywhere, everyday, are getting so worn! i'm going to need to find a replacement pair that's just as amazing... 

i've been having these cravings for things like cold rolls, teriyaki chicken fried udon noodles, red bean bubble tea and crepes. i finally fixed a quarter of my cravings by a quick (and semi healthy) lunch with my sister. i was slightly disappointed in the floppy cold rolls and i'm sure i could roll them better. the sauce wasn't was amazing as the recipe my mother obtained from her cambodian friend. but this was sufficient to hold down my cravings~


  1. Ohmy! You finally got a navy jacket. :D It looks amazing on you. The skirt is very cute too, kind of reminds me of the skirts I wore in high school. ^^

    1. aaah, kairii said it looks like a school uniform skirt too XD but she still got herself one as well~~ thankies dear!


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