Monday, 16 April 2012

fantastic mister fox

this post is dedicated to an avid reader of this blog and a friend of mine who is getting more and more fashionable with every post of mine that he reads (or so i say...) the quality of my phone camera photo's may be bad, but dear mister dapper fox, how was i to expect such a positive change...

after a poor effort of turning up to a pink themed 21st party in pink socks and an otherwise uninteresting coordinate, my dear friend patrick has graduated from the standard code of dress for parties. i found him in a very lovely floral printed vest, green and white striped bow tie, beige tweed jacket and black boots matched with a newspaper boy style hat. how i wish more people would dress like this on a daily basis, it's a lovely look!~

so what animal was he dressing as? i've been calling him a fox throughout, but here is a neat little fox face painted! simple yet effective! well, patrick, i'm so glad to have influenced you to be more fashion conscious! i hope you'll enjoy this post~ :)

and lastly! a photo of a deer and fox, contrary to popular opinion, happy woodland animals are all friends~

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