Tuesday, 10 April 2012

spring cleaning

even though it's autumn here...

happy easter, girls and boys! the lovely long
weekend gave me the chance to sort through my wardrobe
and get rid (or hide, actually) some of the things that i don't
wear (or don't fit) anymore. i was so happy with the result,
hello new wardrobe!~

i might have already posted about how i order my
lolita clothes (here) but here's another photo of what it looks like
at the moment~ it looks like i don't have casual clothes,
but they are all folded up or being washed (or just being
eaten by the poofy lolita dresses and skirts~)

i found a better place for my bags! hello melty chocolate bag~
i decided to prepare some room for my newest item
(which is being shipped at the moment) i'm so excited for it's
arrival... please ignore that huge plastic bag filled with things
 i can't bear to throw out but don't wear anymore...

accessories are the worst things to organise. i have a drawer
filled with ribbons, other hair accessories; and my necklaces hang
in a tangled mess. here is the larger items of my hair accessories
such as hairbows and floral wreaths and that forever21 bag is filled
with tangled wigs that i just don't want to deal with yet...

i really love tights and socks~ they look so neat
all lined up! there's a few pairs in the wash (and in transit!)
so i hope there'll be room here too if i squash things up a little~

and the rest is boring casual clothes. haha! 

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