Sunday, 13 May 2012

the celebrations start

 it's been a very relaxing weekend for me after a hectic week of tests at university. it's my birthday tomorrow and i've started celebrating already~  i went out for a night of yummy pancakes and karaoke with a few close friends i'd made from the lolita group here.

my sister and i decided to share a savoury dish and a sweet dish as we were eager to try both but surely couldn't finish these servings by ourselves. the german dish consisted of a kransky sausage, bacon, eggs and tomatoes with two fluffy thick golden pancakes. it was so delicious!

but not as tasty as dessert which was a serve of dutch chocolate pancakes. these were so sweet and chocolate-y and soft and warm! if they weren't as tasty i don't think i could have finished it all off~ ah, i'll definitely be returning for some more chocolate pancakes...

 i decided to wear my sheep garden skirt since it's been almost exactly a year since i bought it. i love my sheepies to bits and have always wanted the very cute but completely non-user-friendly sheep bag. i recently found it on mbok auctions too but, unfortunately may is the month of spend-fasting! what a shame! i would have bought it without a blink!

outfit post #78
- buttermilk ribbon headbow handmade
- floral chiffon peterpan collar top
- sheep garden skirt from angelic pretty
- black tights
- red velour heels from baby the stars shine bright


  1. Oh Happy birthday! That food looks delicious btw, i would totally love to try them too. I hope you are having a good time after the chaotic week you seem to have had. <3

    1. thank you thank you! yes, those pancakes were absolutely amazing!! :D


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