Saturday, 26 May 2012

it feels like

it's my birthday all over again!

i have perhaps the most lovely friends in the world. my very sweet french pen friend's birthday present arrived for me on friday~ i was so very happily surprised to find a pair of angelic pretty's melty chocolate socks!! these match the mint skirt i own and it was so thoughtful of her to find them for me! she took such care in wrapping them as if they were bought from the store. enclosed was a very cute deer postcard too which was adorable~ merci beaucoup momoko! xx

 later the same evening, i had another post-birthday birthday dinner with my close friends from high school. i've past this elegant indian restaurant on my way to and from university and i was very eager to try it. the moment i walked in, the dimly lit restaurant smelt richly of indian spices~ the interior design was beautifully decorated with british and indian wall decorations. my favourite was definitely the large regal painting of queen victoria. it's so amazing!!

i tried a very fruity blend of prince wales ice tea with blackcurrant and other fruit. it tasted similar to sangria (without the alcohol, though). the tea taste was quite weak and it tasted more like fruit juice. i would have rather liked a stronger tea flavour, but it was still very delicious!

as a main, i decided to try the tikka masala, which tasted just as delightful as it smelt! sadly, i found myself unable to finish all the tasty chicken with the delicious cheese and garlic roti on the table. i definitely ate much more than i needed, but oh it was worth it!

 i had no idea what i wanted for my birthday. except for a box. (because i needed a place to store things~) but in addition to a very beautiful cream coloured box with velvet and glitter decorations all over, i received an angelic pretty fancy box beret that i'd been lusting after on the aution sites and a beautiful teacup skirt from emily temple cute! i absolutely love tea, and tea cups and tea pots!! it was so perfect, i am dying to wear it out~ i also received some of the best chocolates and yes, a card featuring one direction!i'm quite a fan of them... i don't know how to thank them all enough. at the end of the night, the restaurant threw in two vouchers for a free meal! i know where i'll be going soon!~

it was so cold and wet and rainy last night! i made sure i wore something warm enough~ i bought this beautiful red jacket last year and never found a chance to wear it, but i think it adds a nice touch to the brown. it's a shame my starry tights are once again lost in the quality of the photo. i think the jacket and brooch adds a military touch to the dress, wouldn't you agree?

outfit photo #80
- gold tulle hairbow handmade
- beige blouse with necktie
- chess chocolate jsk from angelic pretty
- red coloration lapel blazer
- blackxgold star tights
- melty chocolate bag from angelic pretty
- shoes (you can't see)

i'm so very happy right now :)


  1. I am so happy you like my present ♥ !!

    1. thank you again momoko!! it is beautiful <3


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