Saturday, 9 June 2012

the nervous feeling you get

when you're filling out government forms or you see police officers. it's bizarre, but as i was getting my passport approved yesterday, i was feeling ever so anxious as if i'd done something illegal! and my friend who'd come as my guarantor, shared the same feeling! i'm glad i'm not the only one! do you ever get very cautious around police officers or government employees?

as soon as the interview was over, we decided that a pot of calming tea was in order. we went to the very little and very pink cupcake cafe called BTS in the city central for a pot of lavender grey. although the antique teapot was very gorgeous, the tea was neither lavender nor grey (earl grey?). rather it tasted very much like black tea, and didn't smell much like anything except. well. tea.


but the bad tea was compensated by delicious sweet cupcakes! these little babies were chocolate-y and soft, topped with a deliciously creamy butter cream. for some reason, i always assume americans (like my dear friend, though he's not actually american, he's just lived there a long time) love peanut butter and chocolate. am i wrong? i ordered him peanut butter chocolate macarons, and now a peanut butter chocolate cupcake. he did thoroughly enjoy it, but i do wonder if he likes the flavour pairing as much as i think he does... i settled for a very safe chocolate on chocolate and caramel on chocolate.

it's my newest teacup skirt!! i decided to pair it up with a cute mint woolen jumper with cute bows on it. details are killed by my professional photo taking skills. i've cleaned my brother's mirror too (today) so hopefully from now on, there'll be less dirty speckled mirror photos!!

outfit photo #84
- pink plastic headbow from baby the stars shine bright
- white fur collar with black ribbon
- mint ribbon jumper
- teacup skirt from emily temple cute
- black tights


  1. Adorable outfit. BTS make -the- best cupcakes.

  2. u look adorable!

    I got a (fashion) blog too ! :D
    See yyyaaa
    Sophie :).


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