Friday, 22 June 2012

this is a post about food

it's exam time, which means i'm focusing super hard on studying. but there is one thing that i simply cannot neglect, and that's a yummy food! just before i began my studies, i had this deliciously rich chocolate cheesecake from a dessert bar called chocolatree.  served with chocolate on the side, i can't complain.

next up was a delicious chocolate orange souffle my friend made while procratibaking. that's a real word! he really put a lot of effort with the presentation, don't you think? with a shot of amaretto and a some almond toffee dusted off with 85% coco chocolate. we quickly polished this yummy dessert off before settling down to watch a french film. yes, french film is a vital part of study...

beyond the classy days of rich chocolate cakes, are my macdonald's days. they are doing these super cheap cheeseburger deals at lunchtime for only $3.95. it makes me, my belly and my wallet super happy.

my sister and i finally decided to try the recently popular fast food chain called bing boy. it's essentially a crepe like wrap with savoury ingredients. i ordered a bbq pork bing, and my sister ordered the chicken one. but the man who made them labelled them wrong and i didn't realise i was eating chicken until i'd devoured half of it! i don't think i was concentrating well that day, but the chicken was good!

and on the topic of chicken, we made oyakudon today! it's been too rainy to study at uni so we decided to spend the day at home. in my pajamas and two jumpers. i might not be studying too hard today, but at least i am warm~ wish me luck for my examies~~

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