Monday, 30 July 2012

avcon (part III)

the last day of the longest weekend~ i'm a little sad it's over, even though my feet are in so much pain from walking around and standing around so long these past days. i've had a lot of fun though and i'm so glad there were so many lovely supporters who visited out artist alley table~ here's the layout for the last day~ i made a few more rose wreaths saturday night while watching a scary film with my sisters and our visiting cousin. how i managed to stay awake? i don't even know!

i decided to wear my beautiful baby the stars shine bright dress that i bought early this year but never wore. it was a dream dress and i miraculously found it on alicefururun, brand new with tags! i was so happy~ i coordinated this dress with gold and pink after recieving this lovely cardigan from taobao! it has little gold bows embroidered all over and is just perfect!

outfit post #90:
- gold headbow: handmade
- gold star clip: chocomint
- off white blouse: baby the stars shine bright
- alice's secret key jsk: baby the stars shine bright
- glitter star tights: dangerfield
- brown teaparties: secret shop
- brown satchel bag; korea

with the lolita parade being held later in the day, there were so many girls in lolita, both branded and handmade. marion (sweet macaron), christine (chess chocolate) and jaana (handmade by another local lolita) are some lolita friends that stopped by our stall to say hello~  aren't they so sweet?

these two pretty frillies were definitely my favourites of the day. bethany (rilakkuma) and emma (korilakkuma) designed and made these very adorable lolita outfits which were inspired by the famous and cute lazy bears~ they're outfits won the best handmade lolita competition too!

and finally, to wind down, my fellow table mates and a few other friends headed out for dinner at red rock noodle bar. i had a teriyaki chicken (again!) noodles which was a little too heavily flavoured. i wish i had satay chicken instead, that sauce smelt delicious when lindzi's satay arrived. i love their roti too, but i didn't think i'd be able to eat it all, so i missed out on my favourite dish. and after craving peach flavoured ice tea all weekend, i was finally able to enjoy my favourite beverage~

here are the goodies i picked up over the weekend. i didn't manage to sell too many bow necklaces, so i decided to keep these two colours myself~ i bought some bow rings and some lovely bracelets from sparkle peach and a mini fluffy bow barrette from hologram world. and from our neighbours, i managed to get my hands on a beautiful woodcut fox brooch and one of her remaining prints from thaleia at high treason. all in all, i had a very happy and memorable weekend~

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