Monday, 20 August 2012

one week of take cares and goodbyes (part I)

three more days until i fly~ yes! it's true, i've been waiting for a long time but at the end of this week, i'll be in paris!! for the next six months, i'll be spending my days on an exchange in france. i've been spending the last week meeting up with friends as well as the last minute preparations before i leave. it began with a simple lunch with a friend for uni. we had korean lunch sets at a restaurant called 'seoul' that i last visited two years ago. i had the garlic chicken set, and the food was very delicious! we tried a hot plum tea which was perfect to warm our cold fingers from the chilly rainy day.

we asked the nice waiter to help us take some photos too. my friend brought her instax along so we could watch the photos develop before our eyes. here's one i'll take with me~

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