Sunday, 23 September 2012

où se trouve le riz?

it's been four weeks since i've left home and one of the biggest things i miss, is my mum's delicious asian (mostly chinese, but occasionally, vietnamese, japanese, korean etc) and rice. i've had a hard time finding an authentic chinese restaurant to make up for my loss. after a bit of searching on the internet, my friend found a vietnamese restaurant on the border of poitiers' centre-ville.

we arrived a little earlier than the opening time, so we spent about 15minutes perusing the roads and familiarising ourselves with this part of the city. when were welcomed with a little tinkling sound of the door bell and the smell of delicious herbs and spices. the restaurant was quite small but had a lovely ambiance. we took the window seat, where we found a small collection of books. while we waited for our food, we read to each other our chinese horoscopes.

i ordered the cold rolls for entree and a pork infused with citronella with rice dish. (my first actual rice meal since leaving home!!) it was strange seeing the cold rolls pre-cut, and will nori in it too. is this normal? both entree and main were very delicious. i gave the small dish of eggplant to my friend who absolutely adores aubergines. the plates were quickly polished off, and we left the restaurant planning our next return - soon! ~

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