Friday, 5 October 2012

je suis très courageuse!

in order to collect my angelic pretty parcel from the express post office, required an hour bus ride to (literally) the other side of town, a treacherous footpath (that's not a proper footpath!!) beside a busy 70km/h three laned road, and consulting some blurry phone photos of my computer screen opened to google maps. the bus took the longest and windiest route through numerous suburbs around poitiers. when i finally arrived at the bus stop, i was confronted by the corner of two very busy roads and i was lucky to have the two photos of google maps to guide me to chronopost. lucky, i made it and got my package, no dramas (except my reluctance to pay a 45€ tax - there goes my online shopping plans).

 here's the small parcel, when i returned from my long adventure. i almost wish i'd bought more so the tax would have been relatively less. but i'm so very happy with my purchases~

when i saw this beautiful wine coloured beret on the angelic pretty tokyo blog, i pounced onto the english website and without much thought added it to my cart. it's stunning in real life! the colour is so deep and i love the crest motif. the little black bow is a removeable brooch with tassles~ 

i tried it on straight away~ i'm not sure i'll be able to wear it with the lolita dresses i brought with me, but i can't wait to wear it casually too! it's perfect for autumn, right? (well, except when it's too windy or too rainy)

 the second thing in my parcel was the royal chocolate barette! i actually purchased the jumperskirt from the second release in chocolate off angelic pretty's english website a few weeks earlier and had it sent home to australia (where my sister is taking care of it) but this pretty bow wasn't restocked yet. now, all i need are the matching socks to have a full royal chocolate set (okay, my royal chocolate bag is pink, but it'll still match!) originally i had the first release on my wishlist, but after this came out, i actually liked it much more~ i'm so happy to have obtained one of my dream dresses, especially in my dream colour (let's hope it fits well, it was size L)

 it'll go well with my chocolierre jumperskirt from baby the stars shine bright~ otherwise, i'll just hold onto it until i get home and among all my chocolate themed items (melty chocolate, royal chocolate, chess chocolate)! heehee, i've been searching and searching for more chocolate themed lolita goods (especially emily temple cute's collection - need!!) because i simply can't get enough chocolate in my closet.

 and lastly, here's a little purchase from the baby the stars shine bright store in paris from my trip in august. medium usakumya~ her red eyes freaked my friend out, especially when i was describing usakumya as a cute rabbit. it was even funnier when i popped usakumya's cap off to reveal her bearish features underneath. i don't think my friend really understands it! but little usa-chan has been my guardian rabbit on this trip, i'm so glad to have her too!~


  1. aww i love that beret and it looks so nice on you too! I really do love berets in lolita and am glad autumn is finally here, soon we can wear them in portugal as well!
    The bag is adorable and the bow as well. Thanks for showing us your new purchases. (damn your post office is far far away :|)
    kiss kiss, J

    1. thankiess! and yes, it was quite a trek, but hopefully i won't have to do that again (no more overseas goodies for me ;__; although i still have two packages on their way XD) luckily they are standard mail~ x


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