Thursday, 18 October 2012

lolita blog carnival: makeup tips

recently, i decided to join the 'lolita blog carnival' group on facebook, which is a super cute idea to bring blogging lolitas together and to see the different views of fellow lolitas around the world~ this week's topic is makeup tips, which ties in too well with my previous post regarding my latest makeup and skincare haul! i'll be going through a few tips while showing you my makeup routine and a list of products i'm using~

 1. look after your skin! this should be before and after wearing makeup as well as having a daily routine. i use the moisturiser as a base before i put my makeup on. it also helps the foundation glide on smoothly and stay put. i've recently switched to using bb cream since my skin is usually fine without foundation, but it helps out even my skin tone. after wearing makeup, i usually clean off the makeup with makeup remover, wash my face in warm water and moisturise again~

 2. eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, false lashes. that is the order i do things. this is also the longest and hardest process for me and it took a lot of failures to find the right techniques. i usually stick to neutral eyeshadow colours like browns and greys although i do have a few colourful days. for less extravagant days i finish after eyeliner and mascara. to brighten the eyes, i use a white eyeliner to line the bottom eyeline and a white eyeshadow for the inner corners of my eyes. when i'm feeling too lazy, i don't wear false eyelashes, but they do look lovely and define the eyes much more~

 3. rosy cheeks. i only have one colour that i've stuck to for a while because it suits my skin tone and i haven't experimented as much. i like a matte peachy tone and  i've always kept a subtle look because otherwise i look too red in the face. however, recently, i find using blush under the eyes or above my cheekbones gives a very cute look.  i don't even mind building the colour up either. i think this technique is used in cult party kei and dolly kei but it looks cute in lolita too~

4. lips. i prefer using lipsticks and lip tints because lip glosses are always too thick and heavy (my hair always gets in it too - yuck!) i think i only have one lip gloss and it's a peachy pink one that i use for my very sweet lolita days. otherwise i really like redder lips that don't look painted on, so a subtle lip tint can add a touch of colour. you can also build the colour up depending on your look. i've used a light lipgloss under the lip tint to help the colour glide evenly on the inner edge of my lips for a doll-like look~

5. scent. lolitas always smell nice and fresh! i fell in love with marc jacob's daisy. not only beause of the super adorable rubber flowers, but the smell is super sweet and floral. i have stuck to this and it's become my signature smell~ my friends even bought the 'eau so fresh' one for me, so i'll be smelling like daisies for a while! i usually spray some on my wrists but i read somewhere that if you spray some in your hair, the scent lasts longer.

6. hair. i find wigs are so hard to deal with. they get tangled so easily and brushing them is a nightmare. wigs can look too fake and plastic-y too, so i like to take care of my real hair and avoid wigs if i can. however, i do have a few natural coloured wigs for those bad hair days. i love styling my real hair with lolita and the most current trend for me is sleeping in plaits or braids so in the morning i get these cute waves that look really nice with a simple headbow or hairpiece~ i've also fallen in love with fish braids which takes a lot more time than french braids but look very lovely too.

my favourite products at the moment (also what i used for this look):
- skin79 diamond prestige bb cream
-  kate reflect mirror eyes eyeshadow in pu-2
- dollywink liquid eyeliner in deep black
- lancôme hypnôse doll eyes mascara in so black
- bourjois blush in 54 rose frisson- tonymoly tony tint in 01 red apple
- marc jacobs daisy

outfit post:
- white blouse: offbrand
- neck ribbon: handmade
- black cardigan: taobao
- nostalgic chess skirt: metamorphose
- black over the knee socks: h&m
- academy beret: angelic pretty
- military brooch: offbrand

i had too much fun as a first time contributor to the lolita blog carnival~ i hope there'll be more opportunities to blog from their given topics. here's a list of fellow lolita bloggers who contributed to this week's topic, happy reading!


  1. This is a lovely post! I really enjoyed reading it. And your finished result is absolutely adorable. I wish I photographed so well. ^^"

    1. thank you!! i really enjoyed writing it and sharing my experiences with makeup :3

  2. You're so cute! I really like the blush near the eyes look on you!

    1. thanks dear! i think i should have built up the colour more for the photos, it didn't turn out too clearly DX

  3. Thankyou so much for the tutorial Angela! You look so cute. :D I love how your lips look, they have a really subtle flush to them!

    1. thanks! yes, i really like that look with the lip tint XDD

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