Wednesday, 17 October 2012

mes nouveaux achats

 i've been on a little internet shopping spree~ i hope you're all ready for a super long post. i've also written a little on my personal thoughts on my new goodies.

firstly, i received my new lancôme hypnôse doll eyes mascara and a dollywink liquid eyeliner pen. it's not a coincident that the names are doll orientated. when i first heard the name of lancôme new mascara, i really wanted to try it out and with my current mascara drying up, it was the perfect replacement. it works really well too, catching each lash with the cone-shaped brush. i've always been afraid to use liquid eyeliner after several bad experiences, but the dollywink pen is so easy to control and draws fine lines. it's much quicker than the gel eyeliner i currently use.

the next parcel i received contained the new makeup goodies from various korean brands. i've been eyeing these goodies for a long time, but i recently found a good ebay seller (amazing deals, free gifts and free standard shipping!) so i finally made the order. so what did the box contain?

i bought these adorably cute bunny lip bars by tony moly. the flavours are: cherry, orange and peach, and yes, i was mainly drawn in by the adorable packaging! i quickly swatched these on my hand, i think i like the orange colour best, but peach smells the best! the scents aren't super strong, which is nice too~

i also got a red apple tony tint from the same brand. isn't the packaging cute too? it's a little black cat~ it comes in red cherry too, but i prefer the orange-red of apple more than the pink-red of cherry. i really like lip tints more than lipstick or gloss because they give my lips a bit more colour without feeling too heavy. 

next up, are the two bb creams i decided to try. the first is called diamond prestige by skin79 (it came with a free bubble cleanser too) and the second is skinfood's good afternoon peach green tea bb cream in light beige. i only brought a liquid foundation with me which i wear quite regularly, and i thought it'd be good to try bb cream instead. i tried the skin79 bb cream which is lightly scented and thicker than i imagined it to be but it doesn't feel heavy on the skin once blended. the colour was similar to the foundation i wear so overall i was very happy! i even tried the bubble cleanser too which is very fun! it comes out as a semi-transparent gel but once on the face it starts to foam and you can feel the little bubbles tingle and tickle the face!!

here's this list of goodies i tried out for this simply look:
skin79 diamond prestige bb cream
dollywink liquid eyeliner in black
lancôme hypnôse doll eyes mascara in so black
tonymoly tony tint in red apple 
tonymoly petite bunny in peach

enough with the makeup, onto my lolita wardrobe~ i managed to find two wishlist items during the months of july and august. these items were sent to my home in australia along with several items for my sister. royal chocolate in brown (yay for more chocolate) i can't wait to wear this~

and l'oiseau bleu in brown. this was the colour i originally fell in love with. i found the mint first and was quite happy with that until i realised i needed the brown more.

i also found emily temple cute's umbrella print skirt in yellow (for a good price!). after i sold the sax onepiece, and i'm glad to have that print back in my wardrobe. i love skirts much more than onepieces so i'm happy~

lastly, this is the matching headbow to my melty chocolate skirt (first angelic pretty dream dress) which i bought off a local friend (who's as big a melty chocolate fan as i) now i have the complete set~ skirt, socks (thanks to my beautiful french penpal) and headbow (thanks to a fellow melty chocolate fan) and the melty chocolate bag! now i just have to wait until february next year before i get to see all these wardrobe additions in real life and start coordinating with them~ (thanks to my sister for the photos)


  1. Wow you look really pretty! Where do you buy your korean makeup from? :D I miss yo face. When are you coming back?

    1. naaaw thankies tealeafy! i miss you all tooo! i'll be back in february, which is probaby sooner than you think. i found a pretty good ebay shop for my goodies. here's the link:
      but check out the other ebay stores too, i think kairii found a few other good ones too :) good luck on your search! xx


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