Thursday, 8 November 2012

fit for a queen (part III)

we visited buckingham palace in the morning since it was a short walk away from our hotel. we were excited to see the changing of guards procession, but unfortunately, so was everyone else! there sure were a lot of tourists in london! i did manage a few photos, but we didn't stay long since we couldn't see anything beyond the crowd of people.

we spent the majority of the day in a palace~ mainly kensington palace which was much closer and easier to get to than windsor castle. i wasn't able to get many good photos since it was too dark inside, but there was a lovely artistic exhibition for queen anne and her 18 lost children. it was a little depressing reading about that.

palace mirror selfies!! we were actually standing on our toes to take this because we're too short. or rather, the mantlepiece was too high!

i did buy myself a few goodies from london. the adorable fox scarf in the middle is from topshop, two alice in wonderland mugs (one for my older sister!) and the two cath kidston bags are from the airport shop - duty free is the best!! i think i saved about 6pounds in total.

after a quick stop back in poitiers (two days of non-stop study and then a pre-colle exam), i'm off to brussels tomorrow morning for the rest of the weekend. i can't wait to eat belgian chocolate and waffles!!


  1. It's so cool that you got to visit a palace. I read about Queen Anne, it is rather sad that most of her children were stilborn or didn't live to adulthood. I think if she had been born from this time, her kids would have survived because we know so much about pregnancy now.

  2. europe is so full of palaces waiting to be visited! i wish there were some in australia tooo :( yes! we're so lucky to have so much technology available these days~


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