Tuesday, 13 November 2012

it's not all chocolate and waffles (part I)

 we were straight off to brussels after the pre-colle exam with the intention of drowning our sorrows in chocolate and waffles. but belgium had much more to offer us. the stairs down to the bathroom (also known as the cave) in our bed and breakfast were deadly steep!

i fell in love with the tram line to the famous atomium! we had to stop here to change lines here, and i couldn't help taking a few photos of the lush green forest-like scenery to the right of the tracks.

 welcome to the atomium! built in 1958 for the world exposition in brussels that year, the atomium had the world's fastest elevator (at the time). we took it to the top (level seven) for some panoramic views of the city before exploring the exhibition in the lower levels. they had a cute 'welcome' sign at the entrance~

look how green brussels is!! i really love the autumn colours creeping in too~ it's much less busy and laid back which is perfect for relaxing after a stressful study period.

we also spent some time exploring mini europe!! everything here is set to a scale of 1:25, i almost feel like a giant walking among these minature buildings and landmarks. the grand place in the city centre of brussels is on the left, and the iconic eiffel tower in paris on the right.

the detail on the buildings in mini europe are still very incredible intricate! this is a photo i took of one of the models, but it looks like it could be the life sized building, right?

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