Saturday, 24 November 2012

paris again in a week

i received these lovelies in the mail today~ yes, my return tickets to paris next weekend. i'm actually really really excited, but i've got my study face on!! my two older sisters are coming to visit me and europe but since i'll be studying for exams soon, i thought i'd take this last opportunity to say hello and to be a tourist guide before buckling down and studying hard! actually, my exams start almost as soon as i get back from my trip to paris. as an international student, i have to do my exam a week before the local french students - so unfair!! it's one less week to study for the same amount of work but in a foreign language! i hope they go easy on us~

in other news, this is a cute little outfit i wore for some grocery shopping as well as a tea and scones break with my friend a while ago~ ah, i remember the days when we were just getting used to this little town. we don't have long left here :(

outfit post:
pink ribbon: taobao
cutsew: baby the stars shine bright
mint ribbon jumper: korea
tea party skirt: emily temple cute
black over the knee socks: h&m


  1. You have been doing so much traveling! I hope you've been relaxing too!

    1. oh, it's ok, the train rides are lots of fun - usually just sleeping and relaxing. i'm really enjoying myself, except for the exams (i sometimes forget i'm not here on a holiday) XDD

  2. Your outfit is so cute! Have fun on your trip!

    1. thankyouu!! i can't wait to see my family and eat lots of cakes with them~~ XD


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