Tuesday, 13 November 2012

but the best part (part III)

the best part of brussels was all the belgian chocolate available around every corner! we tried the chocolate from all the well-known names such as neuhaus, godiva and leonidas as well as a few other chocolate houses. pictured above is jean philippe darcis hot chocolate with a surprise apricot cream filled chocolate. i preferred godiva's dark chocolate chocolixir which we had on the go. a hot chocolate is perfect for the cold weather setting in~

prettiest box (and my favourite chocolates) go to mary's chocolatier located in the galerie saint hubert. i bought a box of chocolates for the box, and shared a 250g box with my friend. they were definitely the best! one bite into their dark chocolate raspberry praline and i couldn't stop praising it. lucky i still have one left (not for long, i suspect!)

second best, was neuhaus' dark chocolate raspberry bar. i tried the same flavour by godiva, but the raspberry wasn't strong enough. the neuhaus one was almost on par with mary's. i should have bought a few more, now that i'm back, i'm getting chocolate withdrawal symptoms (mainly craving chocolate all the time)

the first waffle i had was a bruxelle style waffles. as soon as the bags were put down in the room, we were off searching for some waffles~ the waffle is made from a thinner batter and is usually rectangular. the waffle was so deliciously light and crispy. served best with fresh strawberries and dark chocolate sauce in my opinion!

day two, we decided to try biscuiterie dandoy where i tried a liege style waffle which is denser and semi-circled shaped (roughly). one bite and i was in waffle heaven. this was by far the best waffle i've had, and will probably ever have. topped with vanilla icecream and chocolate sauce. (no, it's not too cold for icecream)

strawberries covered in chocolate from leonidas! because i couldn't fit a waffle inside. or rather, i'd already had my daily waffle for lunch. the best waffle, might i add!
for late night and early sunday morning waffles, i had to turn to leonidas. the liege waffle is hidden by a mountain of deliciously sweet and fresh strawberries (where do they get them in the middle of autumn? it's not strawberry season?) and covered in the smoothest dark chocolate sauce. i had this twice within twenty four hours. ah, belgium is dangerous for the chocolate lover like me!!


  1. Ahh chocolate delicious overload! Indeed this is the best part!

    1. heehee!! actually, i'm not sick of chocolate yet, so maybe, not enough? XD


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