Monday, 31 December 2012

lolita twenty twelve

first view of poitiers, france 2012
happy new year to all my beloved readers and followers! i hope we all had an enjoyable and memorable 2012 and look forward to what 2013 has to bring for us all~ i was inspired to write about some of my lolita resolutions for the new year, so here they are (accompanied with various outfits from 2012):

1. experiment more with the current lolita pieces i own to create new coordinates with the same pieces. i want to wear all my dresses at least once in the new year~

2. cut back significantly on my spending (in general, and) on lolita. working towards obtaining the dream pieces on my wishlist (and maybe future dream dresses). definitely avoid buying something on a whim!

3. try to sell some of the dresses and skirts i don't wear all that often, it seems a little wasted if they're just sitting in my closet while someone else could enjoy them much better.

4. attend more lolita meets with the community and participate in the community. i can't wait to see all the lovely local girls again, and i really hope to spend more time with them this year! even if they are not meets, i'd like to wear lolita more often even if it's just go to see my friends.

5. take more and better pictures of my outfits and the cute little lolita meets i attend for documentation on my blog! i love writing about my lolita adventures and sharing my happiness with you all~ <3>

and here are some non-lolita, more general (slightly generic) new year's resolutions. i hope i can keep these up for more than a month

6. grow out my hair, try a new style or colour maybe?~
7. eat and live healthier; sweets only on special occasions, regular sleep patterns, be active!
8. work hard at finishing my architecture degree as well as my other uni courses with good results~
9. watch my spending habits especially the credits, i really need to stop spending unnecessarily!
10. work on the list of art and craft project ideas i've come up with when i couldn't get to sleep

since i didn't come up with too many, i hope to achieve them all by the end of the year! do you have any new year's resolutions, my dears? lastly, some of the memories i made in paris and poitiers, 2012:

the outdoor setting at the tearoom in poitiers

tea from my favourite tearoom in poitiers
french book venders along the river seine, paris
gallery rodin and the hotel de ville in the background, paris
a view across the river seine, paris
my favourite laduree macarons, paris

sweet patisseries from laduree paris
view of paris from the eiffel tower summit

have a lovely new year to all my dear readers and followers~!


  1. Your style has a daily feel to it, i really like it because it looks effortless!
    I hope 2013 will be everything you wish for.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I hope you have a beautiful new year too, dear!! xx


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