Saturday, 8 December 2012

paris in a day and a half

here are a load of photos i took with my sisters in paris. we had such a lovely time together, i can't wait to travel again and visit my family for christmas~ no, i won't be going all the way home, everyone is coming to europe (somewhere) for a hopefully white christmas!! some selfies (my sister said i'm pretty good at taking them - haha!!)

first stop: catherdral of notre dame. they were so amazed by the beauty of this huge cathedral in the middle of the city. luckily there wasn't a long line waiting to get in, so we didn't have to waste any time in line.

 we even took some time to look at the side and back of the beautiful gothic structure. can you see those gargoyles along the side? they looked like huge stone fists punching air. i laughed a little!!

 merry christmas galarie lafayette!! we didn't spend too much time inside since it was quite claustrophobic with the crowd and intense heating. they did have the most beautiful christmas tree in the middle!

to celebrate disney's 150th birthday this year, there were these stunning displays of the disney princesses along the galarie lafayette. we found them accidentally, and like so many other people, quickly took some snaps while avoiding the crowd along the footpath and potential photobombers! my favourite - belle from beauty and the beast! (favourite disney movie since i can remember)

 a long walk up and down the avenue des champs élysées led us firstly to my favourite macaron shop in paris - laduree! we had a pit stop here which involved macarons, macarons and more macarons!

we decided to dine in and all ordered the famous ispahan. this is a delicious large rose macaron with raspberries, lychees and cream inside. it was actually quite delicious and pretty too~ although it was pretty hard to eat it without breaking it! the bar section was much quieter and we didn't have to wait forever for a table - but i wish we did get ti sit in the fancy fancy restaurant~

more laduree patisseries on the way out (we managed to buy a couple of boxes of yummy macarons too!), battling a huge line of tourists. it was definitely worth it though - we got our macarons!!

 we walked all the way down to the arc de tromphe!! before making our way all the way back to the place de la concorde~ they had the christmas lights up as well as some adorable christmas markets down the avenue too. mostly selling food and vin chaud, but we had a lovely stroll in the cold. until we realised how late and tired we were!!

day two (my last day in paris) i took my excited sisters to my favourite chocolate shop in paris for cake and hot chocolate. jean paul hevin - you amaze me! i had the chocolate cake again, because it's just so delicious! they both loved it as much as i did, which made me super happy too!

 rue de la paix - this is where we wish we could shop! it's the richest street in paris and where you'll find all the beautiful high end fashion brands like chanel, dior, valentino and...

 louis vuitton!! i loved the adorable blinged up penguins on display!! i'm giving this one a belly rub, because he's so cute~ they're mechanical and move their flippers a little. so many jewels that make my eyes shine!!

we visited montmartre and the sacre coeur basilique which wasn't too far from where we stayed. it was an early morning so the fog hadn't lifted over the city but the basilique was still stunning in all it's white glory. although i was keen to take the funiculaire to the top, we decided to take the stairs instead - for photo opportunities. there was a cute old man busking at the top with his violin. i absolutely adore the sound of violins and he was very amazing too!!

my sisters are currently touring the rest of europe on a tour, i can't wait to hear the wonderful stories they'll have at the end! but for now, i'll have to get back to studying! (one down, four to go~)

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