Wednesday, 13 February 2013

be my valentine

to my surprise, i received a liebster award from a very beautiful lolita blogger in germany called usai! i'm very happy to receive this, and thought i'd participate and spread the trend a little. when better to spread a little love than valentines day! happy valentines to all the lovely little readers here~
the rules to the liebster award are simply:
- post 11 random facts about yourself
- answer the 11 questions asked by your nominator
- nominate another 11 blogs with less than 200 followers (to the best of your knowledge)
- ask the 11 bloggers another 11 questions
- don't forget to let them know~
1. i bought my first lolita piece in 2008, and have been following the fashion ever since.
2. my favourite lolita brands are baby the stars shine bright, angelic pretty and emily temple cute.
3. my second sister introduced the fashion to me, and we wear lolita together often. she's my lolita 'twin'.
4. my parents don't really approve of lolita fashion which makes it difficult to buy and wear lolita.
5. i am 165cm tall, though i wish i was a little taller. maybe 168cm or 170cm.
6. i've been playing the piano since i was 5, even though i'm not very good at it.
7. my favourite sweets are chocolate and macarons and icecream (or gelati).
8. my favourite animals are rabbits, cats and foxes~
9. currently, my favourite colour is dark reds, like wine and burgundy. i'm very attracted to this colour!
10. i love drinking tea, especially earl grey, peach infused and red fruit teas, and bubble tea! yum~
11. my background is chinese as my parents are from hong kong, however i've often been mistaken as korean and occasionally japanese.
1. Are you playing videogames? If so, which is your favourite videogame(-series)?
it's been a long time since i was interested in video games! but i really loved kingdom hearts and final fantasy x when i was younger. the last game i have played is a fun little game called 'toro, let's play'. toro is the cute white cat known as the 'sony' cat. i love him a lot~
2. To which place do you want to travel the most?
i really want to go back to europe, visit some new cities like berlin, vienna, prague, moscow and edinburgh. i'd love to go back to paris, london and brussels again too! but i'd love to visit some asian cities too and make some more memories in tokyo and hong kong and some new ones in seoul and taipei~! really, i'd like to travel the world!
3. Why do you running your blog?
it's a lovely place to share the things i've done and what i've seen and to preserve and share my good memories with others. i'm not sure how many readers i have, but the few comments i receive really make me happy to keep writing and sharing my life~
4. Nintendo or Sony? And why?
sony. um, i think i own more sony products: ps2, ps3, camera, current phone, and previous two phones have been sony!
5. What's your favourite online shop?
this is such a difficult question! i love shopping online, especially on lolita stores like baby the stars shine bright and angelic pretty. but i really love looking for a good bargain on taobao and second hand lolita shops too! i think i have a long list of favourite online shops~
6. Who is your idol and why?
in lolita fashion, i must definitely say midori fukasawa and misako aoki. they both suit lolita style so well, and i love the way they dress all the time too. i wish i could meet them one day!
7. Are you superstitious?
a little! i'd like to believe 'what goes around, comes around'. so i try my best to be a nice person!
8. Could you live without the internet for a month?
oh no!! definitely not! haha! but i guess if i really had no internet, i'd have to find a new hobby - other than online shopping, tumblr and facebook~
9. Do you have a driver license? If not, why?
i'm currently still on my learner's provision, so i can't drive on my own. i've been putting it off for a very long time now, and i seem to get by on public transport so far.
10. What was your dream job as you was still a child?
i wanted to be a number of things: a ballet dancer, singer, model, architect, fashion designer, lawyer, doctor, dentist. i'm currently studying law and design studies (architecture), so i'm on the way to fulfilling two of them~
11. Came your wishes for last year true?
i think this is asking if i had any dreams come true last year. yes. i've always wanted to visit paris and the eiffel tower when i was really young. with my study trip to france last year, i was able to go and fulfill that wish. it was everything i expected, so i was very happy! i also managed to find some dream dresses of mine too: l'oiseau bleu in brown, royal chocolate in brown, emikyu chocolate socks in brown~

i hope you enjoyed a little read about me. here's a list of my nominees for the liebster award:

1. la petite princesse
2. hologram world
3. xylia-x
4. redtonic
5. nightmare doll
6. fox cake
7. kuma kuma cafe
8. pink diamond blue pearl
9. frilly pink dream
10.bunny mint
11. almost alice

and to the 11 pretty little bloggers, i'd like to ask:
1. what is your favourite fashion brand?
2. what is your ultimate dream dress?
3. have you bought a new item recently? what was it?
4. which genre of music do you prefer? favourite artist?
5. in which city or country would you like to live?
6. can you describe your dream house/ room?
7. on which internet website do you spend most you time?
8. for how long have you been blogging?
9. what is the most bizarre dream you've had?
10. is there a fictional character you identify with? who?
11. what is your favourite dessert?

happy valentine's day to all~

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