Tuesday, 12 March 2013

lolita blog carnival: my favourite accessories

it's been three months since i've participated in the lolita blog carnival, but i really wanted to join in this week with all my favourite lolita accessories. the lolita blog carnival is a wonderful group of lolitas on facebook who blog about the same topic every week! it's open to all lolita bloggers, maybe you'd like to join too? (ps, sorry i'm so late)

i recently cleaned out and organised my wardrobe, and i've put all my accessories into a box. it's the easiest way to store all my hair accessories but the down side is that i have to rummage through it to looking for things. ideally, i would love to have them all displayed on a shelf somewhere, but i just don't have to room. but honestly, i like keeping them in a box~

for smaller goodies like rings, earrings and bracelets, i have a smaller box! this means i don't have to look for little things that fall to the bottom of bigger boxes especially undeer a huge pile of other accessories.

onto this week's theme: my favourite type of accessories of all time are hair accessories~ i have the most bows and ribbons in colours to suit my whole wardrobe. my favourite headbow is definitely baby the stars shine bright's cookie headbow. it's the cutest, and matches any sweet print. i also love my royal chocolate barette from angelic pretty so much, the embossed fabric so lovely and i love the gold little chocolate button!!

another hair accessory of sorts - berets! so frenchy, so chic~ the angelic pretty fancy box beret suits sweet lolita perfect and the angelic pretty academy emblem beret is suitable for darker jewel tones which i love. actually, you can see most my accessories reflect my interest in super sweet lolita in pastel colours and a more classical sweet look with jewel tones.

hair bows are the best hair accessory, especially on a versatile alligator clip - you can use it as a brooch, on pigtails, twin buns, with a headbow or just on it's own! most of these are handmade by me. i love hand making bows out of all kinds of fabric. they're so simple but always add such a cute touch to any outfit. the chocomint gold star is almost a staple in a sweet lolita's wardrobe. it's cute and versatile in many different looks. i bought the gold metal bow recently just because it reminded me of a gold ceramic bow tie by a famous italian brand called 'cor sine labe doli'! i'm going to need one of those soon though!!

apart from hair accessories, i've a small collection of brooches, rings, bracelets and earrings. these are mostly handmade by me or friends and it's an easy way to add colour and a touch of sweet to any outfit. one of my prized possession is the cute woodcut rabbit brooch called 'horatio', designed by my sister for moripop.

and lastly, something i wear very rarely with lolita - necklaces. my good friend custom made my 'juujuu' nickname necklace which is super adorable and i love wearing it with sweet deco lolita. other themes i love are collar style necklaces and key pendants.

i hope you've enjoyed looking at my accessories, especially my favourite - hair accessories. what accessories do you like most? what do you wear more often?~ if you'd like to read what other girls have written on this topic, check out the following links:


  1. What a sweet, sweet collection! The colour palette is a balm for my eyes. I especially love the pink beret, so chic and cute<3

    1. thanks so much dear! you're so sweet xx

  2. I love everything but that burgundy x gold beret has to be my favorite. <3

    1. admittedly, i did buy that as soon as i saw it (and had to pay a huge tax having it sent to france) so i spent much more than i thought on it DX


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