Saturday, 2 March 2013

the best way to shop

 i've been so so naughty with my money during february! apart from a super huge taobao group order with my sister and friend are currently waiting on, and a few online makeup orders, i've been doing a lot of shopping offline too. i still think it's the best way to shop - walking into the store, looking for my size, trying them on, and hauling the shopping bags home! look what i've picked up already!! a casual floral dress, black sleeveless shirt, tights, hair accessories, sunglasses, earrings, shoes and super cute stationary~ looks like march will be a dry month in terms of spending...

on top of all that, i bought one of my dream dresses! it's angelic pretty's honey cake special jumperskirt in ivory and with the matching barette! it actually belonged to my good friend, but she's leaving sweet lolita and asked if i wanted it. i jumped on it straight away~ now i can't wait to wear it. on top of that, i also bought the new version of baby the stars shine bright's biscuit bag! it's much smaller than the original, and has a long strap that's removable(i'm still looking out for the larger one, but in chocolate~)  i bought it from one day in paradise who've recently opened a branch in adelaide. being a baby distributor (as well as innocent world and a few other well known japanese brands), it means i can now reserve items, buy things in store and save on shipping! i've already ordered some cute new socks from baby the stars shine bright, as well as the new crown!!

actually, my sister helps out at one day in paradise every saturday, and i decided to visit her! it was my first time in the shop since it opened while i was in europe, so i was really excited to see it. the store has so much stock!! it sells secondhand lolita goods too, so it's really full all the time. since the summer is still boiling hot, i wore something really casual.

outfit post:
black sleeveless blouse: offbrand
green star necktie: offbrand
french cafe skirt: angelic pretty
cream lace socks: offbrand
brown teaparties: secret shop
accessories: chocomint, gifts

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