Wednesday, 10 April 2013

a small lolita gathering

On the weekend i organised a super unorganised lolita gathering on short notice. The Government House in our State had a free open day, and I thought this was a perfect opportunity to explore the house and gardens that are usually closed off to the public. There were a total of eight who came along, and we had a lovely time together. Thanks to Sarah for the group photos too~!

 My sister and I decided to twin again in our lovely Chess Chocolate. We even bought matching Baby Biscuit Bags, and I made matching velvet headbows a while back. It's so much fun twinning with my sister, and I think a lot of girls loved it too! We took a customary mirror shot like one we took at Versailles. And the lovely Sarah (our camera lady for the day) took this cute outfit photo on the right.

Outfit Post:
- red velvet bow: handmade by me
- burgandy chiffon blouse:
- chess chocolate bustier JSK: Angelic Pretty
- chocolate and ribbon OTK: Emily Temple Cute
- brown teaparties: Secretshop
- small biscuit bag: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

 When my sister and I found a very well hidden airconditioner (it was inside what looked like a cabinet), we decided to cool off with a few selfies! A lot of people asked us about our 'costumes' and why we were so dressed up, but they were all really nice and complimented everyone. We even got a few photos taken by other visitors~

Onto the Government House, itself! It's quite a small building with large gardens all around. This is a photo from the front of the driveway and entrance.

Some stained glassed windows with the British coat of arms and the Australian coat of arms (the one with the kangaroo on the right).

The interior walls were adorned with many large paintings of British royalty as well as many, many mirrors!

 And the beautiful dining room! How I wish  could dine in a pretty room like this one day~!


  1. I knew that people would ask you about your Lolita outfits. The other tourists must have been pleasantly surprised by seeing so many pretty Lolitas out and about. I love that you and your sister dressed as twins.

    1. heehee! yes, everyone was really nice to us :D thank you, we love twinning too!! x

  2. It's so cute you and your sister do twin outfits *-*


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