Friday, 12 April 2013

lolita blog carnival: peek into my closet

I was super prepared for this week's lolita blog carnival topic, mainly because I've recently taken new photos of all my lolita pieces. In fact, I managed to schedule this post a week in advanced! I'm usually fallilng behind schedule, so I never manage to post on time. Not this time! The lolita blog carnival is a facebook group (here) for blogging lolitas to share their thoughts and ideas on the same topic. This week, we take a look inside the deep dark depths of our closets~

ready for their mug shots!~
 I'm going to be a little lazy this week too, since I've already posted my almost complete wardrobe. If you're keen to have a look into my wardrobe, clicky clicky here! I'm still waiting on a few pieces (angelic pretty's fantastic dolly, milk heart bag, infanta's snow white and baby's gold crown) but overall I'm really happy with the lolita dresses I own. I thought I'd share a few of my favourite and special pieces, just to make this post a little more interesting! A bad habit of mine is getting attached to material goods, but I often like to think of the happy memories made while wearing lolita. It makes it hard to part with them sometimes...

Metamorphose's Surprise Party was my first ever lolita purchase ever. I bought it from the website when it was first release. Candy Star Rabbit was my first, and only, onepiece. These two prints are very dear to me, and I love wearing them, even now~

L'oiseau Bleu by Baby and Angelic Pretty's Melty Chocolate were two of my first dream prints when I started. And when I finally aquired them both, I was pretty pleased with myself. Of course, I ended up with more items on my 'wishlist', but these were my first.

 Here are two of my more recent new purchases. I managed to nab the brown Royal Chocolate from Angelic Pretty's website and the matching barette last year. I missed it's release on the international website, and even though I ended up with the L size, I can still wear it with the ribbon tightened at the back. For Christmas last year, I even found the matching socks from the Angelic Pretty Paris website! As for Juliette et Justine's Cadre du Chat, it has definitely been the most amount of money I've spent on one lolita dress. It was also the last one when I bought it, but it's a dream dress, so it's worth it (so I tell myself...)

 A few special accessories now~ My friends were lovely enough to buy this cute Fancy Box beret for me on my 21st birthday last year. I absolutely love it and the sentiment behind it! The cute little Usakumya comes all the way from Paris. She was my one and only purchase at the Baby store in Paris, and she kept me safe while I was away~!

The last item from my wardrobe that I wanted to share were my Emily Temple Cute Chocolate and Ribbon socks! I searched a long time to finally obtain them. After searching auction sites, second hand stores and missing out every time, I finally won them off yahooauctions. These are the cutest chocolate socks, and I'm hoping to find the tights version as well as the pink socks and tights! Yes, I'd like to collect the set~!!

To take a peek into a few other lolita closets, follow these links:


  1. I loved your favorites, the chocolate color ap and chocolate socks are adorable and that meta dress in that colorway (but another style) is in my wishlist since ages. Thank you for sharing!

    1. thanks so much dear! you have quite the wardrobe to be envious of too! i took a peek, and i love AatP sleeping beauty and the mm peacock dress is amazinggg!! xx

  2. You have an adorable wardrobe!!! ^^
    Candy star rabbit is a print I think is super cute!

    1. thanks ana! i really love it in this colour best! it's really unique and easy to coordinate with so many colours! :D

  3. Wooow, all the chocolate prints *____*
    So jelly-melly~
    But yes, your closet looks amazing~ ^^
    I also like the mix of styles~ ^^~

    1. awww, thanks!! ahhaha, i'm trying to collect more chocolate, but they're so rare and expensive!! :(((


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