Friday, 21 June 2013

lolita blog carnival: dessert outfit

I haven't participated in a lolita blog carnival topic for a while! But this week's topic: create an outfit based on a dessert, really sparked my interest. I have the biggest sweet tooth. Ever. And I have plenty of printed dresses that are dessert and sweet based! My only problem was choosing only one dessert to base the coordinate on!

In the end, I decided to base my coordinate on very unique cake that I actually had the chance of trying when I was in Paris last year. Invented by the maison Dalloyau established in Paris in 1682, this cake is called 'Echiquier', meaning 'chessboard' in french. No need to wonder why~ Created in 1993, the cake is described as: 

'Un petit gâteau ludique et moelleux aux trois chocolats et aux pions en chocolat. Biscuit aux amandes, génoise au chocolat parfumée à la gousse de vanille Bourbon de Madagascar, déclinaison de trois chocolats : chocolat noir 64% cacao - origine Equateur en chantilly, chocolat blanc et chocolat lait 40% cacao en mousse.'

'A small, fun and soft cake with three chocolates and chocolate chess pieces. Almond biscuit, chocolate sponge cake flavoured with Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar, variations of three chocolates: 64% cocoa whipped dark chocolate from Ecuador, white chocolate, and 40% cocoa milk chocolate mousse.'

It was both beautiful and delicious! I had a small individual cake, with a cute little pawn made of white chocolate. Actually, I almost didn't want to eat it because it looked so pretty!! You can see the larger version of the 'Echiquier' in the background of the above photo~! They have lots of beautiful cakes. If you are ever visiting the Pantheon in Paris, you'll find Dalloyau nearby: 2, place Edmond Rostand - 75006 Paris. They have many other shops around Paris, and even in Tokyo, Seoul, Dubai and Doha~!

So how did the 'Echiquier' inspire my lolita outfit? (I think you can guess) Angelic Pretty's Chess Chocolate, of course! I coordinated this beautiful print with a white blouse, royal chocolate socks and a hint of gold to reflect the little 'Dalloyau' label on the cake. I tried not to add too many accessories because the print itself was perfect enough on it's own, don't you think? And since we're going with the chess theme, I added a few geeky touches (middle part and oversized frames), heehee!

Outfit rundown:
- Blouse, JSK, socks, bag: Angelic Pretty
- Shoes: Secret Shop
- Headbow: handmade by me
- Glitter hairclip: 6%dokidoki

I apologise for the super terrible lighting and my lack of makeup. It's getting really cold and dark with winter in full swing. My room is the darkest, and has the world's worst lighting. Sorrryy! I'll admit I was feeling pretty lazy when I took the photos, so they are not very good at all, haha!!
If you are interested in seeing what the other beautiful girls created, follow the links below~:


  1. What an adorable coord! Looking at those dessert pictures made me hungry hehe I bet it was delicious!

    1. Naw, thanks! Ah, yes, it was really yummyy <3

  2. Ooh, a Chessboard cake?? SO AMAZING XD & your coord is perfect for it ^_^

    1. thank youu!and yes, the cake was so amazinggg!

  3. wow! So cute! The cake looks amazing too! :3


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