Tuesday, 16 July 2013

once a year, every year

Last weekend was the weekend we'd all been waiting a long time for - Avcon! That's the anime and game convention in Adelaide. Although it has a very strong lolita culture too. Some friends from Melbourne came to visit us since they had a stall down the Artist Alley. My sister and I usually have one too, but we took a break from that this year. On the Friday, we met up with the girls from Melbourne to eat yummy burgers! I had the delicious crispy bacon and cheese burger again, it's the best! After lunch, we headed to the convention centre for set up and to grab  our tickets.

Later that evening, we all went out for Japanese food at a cute little restaurant called Matsuri. I ordered the Tonkatsu and shared it with my sister who ordered Teriyaki chicken. Yum!

 Once we'd all separated to get some early night's rest, I decided to take some outfit photos! It had been so busy, I almost forgot! I wore Emily Temple cute's Vintage Market one piece with the cute polka dot socks from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

 On the Saturday I decided to wear something super casual and easy to change out of because I knew I'd be in the Maid's Cafe. I've been volunteering as a maid there since it started, and even though it's a lot of work, it's super enjoyable! I love my new Candy Stripper jacket, it's so warm! I really wanted to wear my Angelic Pretty Royal Chocolate dress, but thought it probably wasn't worth it since I'd be in my maid costume most of the time.

 All the maids (and butlers) were really lovely and adorable this year! I worked with mostly the same people on both days, and we all had so much fun!! The costume (which I borrowed) is adorable too, don't you think?

 On the last day of the convention, I wore my beautiful dream dress - Cadre du Chat by Juliette et Justine. I tried to add some cult party kei elements like the overdress, tights and makeup. It's my first time trying this style, and wearing the dress, I was really excited to wear it. For the first time, I decided to enter the Lolita Parade competition. And I was so, so super nervous! All the girls looked gorgeous in their dresses, and I was sure I'd trip on stage. But it all went smoothly, and I even ended up winning first prize for best coordinate!

Outfit Rundown:
- dress: Juliette et Justine
- lace collar, overdress, headpiece, necklace: handmade by me
- shoes: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
- bag: Muchacha
- tights, gloves, accessories: offbrand

 I have to thank my two lovely sisters, Kairii for helping with the pattern for the overdress, and Nikii for taking all the photos of my outfit and supporting me on the day. They were really the best to me, and I know I wouldn't have won without them. I felt so luckyy~!
 With the prize money ($100 at One Day in Paradise) I bought some cute accessories and a pretty letter set from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and some 6%DokiDoki hairclips. I also bought a big 6%DokiDoki glitter bow for my sister as a thank you gift. And since my lovely friends were down for the weekend, they gifted me a brooch and cute necklaces for my super belated birthday!!

I had a wonderful weekend, though I was so tired as well. I didn't manage to take that many photos, but I did try out my super adorable rilakkuma instax camera! It's really good for taking selfies, so here's a few from the weekend~!


  1. Your maid costume is so cute! And congrats on the prize ^u^

    1. Thanks so much! I was realllyyy happy to win!!

  2. Wow, you look so amazing and cute in every single outfit!! ^w^

  3. Very cute and congrats ^^

    Your pink sneakers are something I want ^^

    恵美より ♥

    1. Thanks! The sneakers are Converse All Stars. But I think they are an older design and limited edition (?) design! x


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