Saturday, 17 August 2013

Europe, I'm coming back! (this is mostly about food)

This is Heidelberg, but it's sort of related... Germany.
I'm ever so excited to announce, I'll be going on another trip to Europe in November/December!! I applied for the University's Law study trip to Germany and the Netherlands earlier this year and after waiting terribly long for a reply, I was granted an interview! And now, I've been accepted to undertake the two week course at EBS University, Mannheim University and visit the International Court of Justice in the Hague! I'm really happy and super excitedd~ I better start saving money againn!

I ended up being really really lazy during the past months (sorry about the lack of posts, too!), and I didn't do anything except eat! Haha! It's no joke though, here are some delicious pictures of what I've eaten of late, they happen to all be desserts too:

I had this shiny chocolate cloud from a dessert lunch date at Steven ter Horst with my good friends. It's a perfectly shaped dome filled with chocolate mousse and cream, coated in chocolate ganache and decorated with dark chocolate pieces. Perfectly sweet with a hot chocolate. Yum!

Another outing with friends led me to St Louis ice cream house. We shared a chocolate fondue set with the richest chocolate brownie, churros, fresh sweet strawberries and some not so delicious waffles. It was delicious overall, and even though I swear I could've had ice cream after all that, I really was full of sugar already...

And recently, I went back to San Churro twice for their yummy yummy sundaes! I shared the first one, a strawberry chocolate sundae with my sister. And I attempted the San Churro sundae on my own!! It was so rich and delicious, but I just couldn't finish all three scoops of ice cream!! I think I'll go with an empty stomach next time~


  1. I'm glad to hear you're coming back to Europe, though it's only for few weeks é__è Will you only be in Germany for two weeks ? It's so short !
    If you're coming again to Paris, soon or later, please let me know ! I would gladly meet you... in front of delicious food, of course~~ <3

    1. Mila! Yup, it'll be two weeks in Germany and the Netherlands. But afterwards, I really want to visit Paris again (and maybe London too...)I'd love to meet you tooo~ I'll definitely let you know what my plans are <3


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