Tuesday, 23 August 2011

my good friend

has recently moved out of her family home!
i'm so excited, i wish to visit her in her new house
everyday! i've been trying to introduce her to lolita fashion too.
and there's no better way than letting her try it out, right?
this is a baby the stars shine bright set that i bought off another
friend who was in japan recently.

well, she looks happpy wearing lolita, so i think i've succeeded!
and we then spent the next hour looking through brand sites to
find her a dream dress!~ converted!

since recieving some things i bought a while ago, i decided to wear
a simple classical but also very casual lolita outfit to uni!
it was surprising that no one really stared! i will wear this more often!

outfit post #46: Classical Chairs
- blouse by baby the stars shine bright
- cardigan by offbrand
- classical chair skirt by innocent world
- brown tights by offbrand

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